larich-1 Painter, Poet, Body Painting Artist & Entrepreneur

Art, is who I am, it is what I am and it is all I have ever dreamt of being. It is the rhythm of my soul the essence of me.”

Born December 7th, 1984 this local artist has been busy making her mark on St. Maarten from a very young age. Lucinda Audain started drawing from age 6. Since then she has considered herself to be an artist. Drawing was introduced to her by her uncle who often used her as a model for his art assignments.

“I painted /drew on everything I could get my hands on from my bedroom wall to school books, jeans and even on my younger cousin’s skin, which I always got in trouble for.” At age 15 she began taking classes with renowned artist Ruby Bute, who took her under her wing and quickly became her mentor. Under Ruby’s guidance she learnt to use a variety of different mediums from acrylic paint to waters colors and pastels.

Lucinda’s first exhibition at age 16 was at the opening of the Sister Basilia Center in St. John’s Ranch where she practically sold all her paintings. The artist went on to exhibit at different venues on the island before leaving to further her studies. “I had hopes to pursue my college education in the arts but it didn’t work out that way. Back in 2002 students requesting scholarships were to select careers from a specific list and art was not one of the chosen careers the Government funded. This broke my spirit.”

The artist had not painted in 4 years while she concentrated on completing her studies in the Netherland where she studied Facility Management. It was in 2006 that the artist returned to her passion. Following an exchange student program in America at North Arizona University allowed her to reconnect with the arts and there is where La’Rich was born. In a large art studio with big sky windows, easels in every corner, turpentine stained the air around her with walls amounted with wet paintings and paint splattered floors is where La’Rich learnt the fundamentals of oil paint. Though her stay was short in America the experience left a great impression on her which would reflect on her work years to come.

2008 the artist returned home and sorted out to reintegrate within the art society of St. Maarten. She teamed up with Stephanie Thanyi and the Trimborn sisters and set off to exhibit at the annual Art Off the Main exhibition in Manhattan in association with the Diaspora Gallery based in Miami. From there she went on to have her first solo exhibition entitled: “Finding La’Rich”, at the Hotel del la Collectivite in Marigot, where she exposed a collection of her earlier works. Vibrant colors smeared on canvas portray the essence of the artist’s subconscious. La’Rich’s work borders abstract and surrealism as the imagery connects with a higher consciousness.

From art exhibitions to poetry recitals La’Rich became a very familiar name. The artist has given up painting on canvas and now paints on bodies. Beautiful designs cover the bodies of her models and she collaborates with a number of local photographers to capture the essence of these walking master pieces. The artist future plan is to venture overseas again to further her studies in Arts Management in 2011.


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