Focus on a typical bird of St. Martin : "Sucrier à ventre jaune"

sucrier saint martinThis remarkable little sparrow of about 10cm, whose scientific name is Coereba flaveola, is one of the most common birds in the Caribbean.
Its nest, ball-shaped, is placed in the trees, just meters from the ground.

Present on the whole island of Saint Martin, the Sucrier is well named: they are real small "looters" of sweet substance. They are fond of nectar of flowers, fruit juices, insects and love sugar..

Put some sugar on a plate, a first “sucrier”will arrive and you will hear him chirping to call his mates and after a few minutes, ten or twenty “sucrier” will feast

sucrier saint martin

The Lolos, restaurants, leave these little birds in peace, to the delight of tourists who can enjoy these cute little yellow birds!

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