At sea, with H2O

Focus on H2O...

h2oAt sea, with H2O!
A unique project of discovery whose objective is to offer the opportunity to adults, children, seniors, physically challenged and non swimmers to experience the underwater world.

Leaving from the Marina Fort Louis or Galisbay beach in Marigot, you will be transferred to the H2O catamaran where you can choose 3 activities:

- The Bubble activity: imagine sitting on a chair in an elevator with a bubble similar to a bubble on your heard that looks like an astronaut suit that allows you to breath normally. The platform in which you are seated on work like an elevator and is lowered to your underwater adventure. The Bubble activity is conducted between 9 to 12 feet to ensure fun and safety to the whole family. Follow the guide and start strolling under water!

- EZ-diving and Discover Scuba Diving : Put your mask on and use the scuba diving regulator linked to the catamaran to allow to breath and discover the Saint-Martin marine fauna and flora.

- Snorkeling, swimming and basking in the sun on one of the sun beds, relax in the jacuzzi on the catamaran roof are also possible and can be an option for those who do not want to ride the elevator

H20 proposes individual packs starting from 95$ per person and private packs that includes all the activities for 3000$ for half a day.
Express tours are available for those who do not have much time (transfers and bubble activity in 45 minutes guaranteed!).