Asif Hakh

Focus on an artist : Asif Hakh

asif hakhSelf taught artist Asif Hakh moved to St. Martin in late 2003 but is originally from Guyana

Like the way Gauguin exiled himself to the marquesas Island, it was so that Asif Hakh chose St. Martin in search of exotic inspiration...which he found in the turquoise sea and lush Caribbean landscape of St. Martin, providing the perfect setting for his pallet.

Using one of mankind's earliest mediums, pastels, he captures the beauty of a place that reminds him of his childhood days... those unspoiled summer holidays he spent in the countryside of his home country. Each painting he does of the island, he revisits his solitary childhood of peace and serenity.

Today he is an artist by profession, exhibiting the work of himself and his wife across the island, mainly at hotels including Oyster Bay Beach Resort, Flamingo Beach Resort and Grand Case Beach Club.

asif hakh marigot

His petite showroom at his home in Grand Case is also opened to the public where guests are welcome to view the couples work and meet the rest of their family, their two sons; Adam age 5 and Jawhar age 3.

From pastels and oils to acrylics combined with strings, their paintings have delighted visitors to our island for many years. Today their work hangs in every major U.S. city and European capital.

In a joint exhibition titled "ST. MARTIN AT HEART", this couple will intrigue you with their illustrations of our breathtakingly beautiful island.

Land and seascapes, sunsets, those unforgettable beach scenes to our creole architecture all manifesting before your eyes.
Our island preserved for generations...

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