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    destination st. martin Let's discover St. Martin, the "Friendly Island"...

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Traveller Information

St-Martin - Traveller information

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St. Martin is a one-of-a-kind destination …

In addition to its unique cultural, ethnic, climatic and geographical characteristics, the island is one of the rare destinations where relaxation, exoticism and safety are combined.

St. Martin is an overseas collectivity which is totally integrated into the French Republic. Like France, it benefits from a political stability which excludes risks of “putsch”. French laws are applicable on the island and sexual tourism is severely reprimanded.

These days, it is very easy to put your own trip to Saint Martin together. There are also many exciting offers out there from travel agencies and professionals.

Before you leave, ensure that you have informed yourself sufficiently on your destination.
The aim of this section is to answer all of your questions, but for any other queries do not hesitate to contact the  French Tourism Office, whose dedicated staff is there to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
You will also find that the people of Saint Martin – fiercely proud of their "Friendly Island", reputation – are very helpful.

Saint Martin, the ultimate destination…

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