Annual Congress CTO on St. Martin in September

From September 14 to 17 of 2011, Saint-Martin will host the State of the industry conference organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization, where some 300 personalities of the 32 countries members, and many professionals of the tourism industry will attend.

st martinisland Professionals from private and public sectors, ministers, experts in tourism, commissioners, journalists and many others will attend this event in order to promote the Caribbean region.
Overall, participants will combine their strengths, skills and qualities to develop recovery programs. Many debates will be established to discuss issues such as climate changes in order to agree about suitable solutions to improve the promotion of our region.

This event and its international media coverage will illuminate our destination and highlight our product, while working closely with our Caribbean neighbors. The Caribbean tourism needs such an event, especially during this time of global economic crisis. To share ideas, exchange knowledges, develop solutions, in order to desmonstrate an emblematic solidarity that will reign in Saint Martin for 3 days.

At the Press Conference on May 19th, the French Tourist Office of Saint Martin was honored by the presence of Secretary General of the CTO, Mr Hugh Riley himself. The latter explains that he is convinced that close cooperation is needed to revitalize our region, and the event will be a “huge moment of pride in the history of CTO”. Indeed, this conference will benefit all levels: economic, media, promotional (for the host destination and Congress). Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for local tourism to learn to manage a Congress, and for students wishing to enhance their professional development in this area. It is also very good way to create contacts, and finally, a wonderful influence on the career choices of Caribbean youths.

The Secretary General, in his brilliant speech at the Press Conference, describes the Caribbean as “one sea, one voice, one Caribbean” and explains that each territory is unique, but the Caribbean region shall be promoted as a whole. He insists on the fact that our region needs to redouble its efforts to innovate in order to attract more visitors each year. This event is “a dream come true” according to Sylviane John, Director of the French Tourist Office of Saint Martin, who is at the initiative of this Conference.

As for President Mrs Zin Ka Ieu her, proud to host the CTO, it is not without emotion that she explained at the Press Conference, her intention to involve the local community and young people in organizing this event, which will undoubtedly remain in the history of Saint Martin’s tourism.

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