5 Tourists in...

Since the beginning of the week, France 2 is broadcasting the first episode of its new summer series called "5 tourists in ….”

5touristes These five tourists never met before; they don't have the same tastes nor the same passions. They have different social and educational backgrounds but they have one thing in common: they agreed to live together in a city or a country they have never been to before and discover this destination by proposing activities corresponding to their profile.

After shooting in Europe, the TV channel has decided to fly to Saint-Martin with Thithia, Brigitte, Jérôme, Gaëlle and Selim who visited the island and met with the population.

It is in total 9 different activities that will show the island’s lifestyle, its people, the most beautiful spots and thus give an opportunity to the viewers to discover the habits and customs of Saint-Martin, even the most original ones!

Who will be the « best tourist « ? Who will adapt to the Saint-Martin culture ???

Don’t Miss the « 5 tourists in Saint-Martin » on France 2 at 6pm from August 8th to 12th 2011.

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